A Mother’s Love | Poem by Paulette

A mother is a woman with God’s loving grace, to soothe her child’s brow and put a smile upon their face.

To nurture and cuddle and love throughout their life, the ups and downs, the happiness and strife.

With guidance from our Lord from the heavens above, He fills our hearts with joy and an abundance of love.

You are mothers, teachers, friends, and wives, all in one – for the rest of your lives.

You’ve learned to give unselfishly as you watch your children grow. You’ve learned from our Lord – the best teacher you’ll ever know.

God bless you and keep you safe within His fond embrace and know that you hold in His heart a very special place.


Paulette writes inspirational poems inspired by God. She shares her poems with family and friends to brighten their day, encourage their souls, uplift their spirits, and give them hope. Don’t we all need that!

Paulette, thank you for being obedient to God and for blessing us with your God given gift. 



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