All I want is to be loved

In my prayer closet

This morning I was in my prayer closet with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So, before I start praying I go through my list of names, add names, cross out answered prayers, add new prayer requests and ask the Holy Spirit who else to pray for and what, and He tells me. Also, there are times in the midst of praying God tells me to reach out to someone and I’ll send the person a text with what He tells me to say or ask. Some of you have received texts from me.

All I want is to be loved

Well, I was praying different things for different people and there are a group of women I pray the same prayer; however, this time there was a resounding message in my spirit “All I want is to be loved.” Immediately I started tearing up crying because I literally felt how they feel. If you (women and men) happen to feel “All I want is to be loved,” this message is for you. And if you know someone who feels this way, please pass on.

The pain is real and deep

“I’m so tired of being alone, of being by myself. Doing for myself and facing life challenges all alone. I’m tired of dating games and getting let down. There must be something wrong with me, that’s why I can’t get a man/woman or keep a man/woman. Years are passing me by and I’m getting older and still by myself. I want someone to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on; a companion, a soul mate; someone to share my life with. All I want is to be loved.” The pain is real and deep.

God knows you want to be loved

Yes, love is the greatest gift God gave us. Absolutely, we all want to be loved and to love. You may have been or never been in a relationship or may be in a relationship, and this is how you feel right now… “All I want is to be loved.” Undoubtedly, God knows you want to be loved and only God knows why love has not happened or why love has not lasted. Unfortunately, there are just some things that are out of your control, and this is one of them. That’s why you have to trust God.

You are worthy to be loved

Please know that there is nothing wrong with you. You are God’s masterpiece, fearfully and wonderfully made filled with greatness and worthy to be loved. Unfortunately, this is life. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, sometimes we get it and it doesn’t last, sometimes we get it at a later time, and sometimes we get bad breaks. I know you feel lonely and have moments of sadness, pain and depression. Cry! Yes cry! Crying is good for the soul. Let it all out, you have to. But don’t give up. Get up! Keep going. Rise and Shine! Stay positive. Be you and do you.

God loves you!

Don’t allow anybody or anything to determine your worth, your happiness, your future, how you live your life… define who you are. God loves you! This may not be enough for you right now and may not fill the void, but He loves you no matter what. He is there for you and with you. Only God can fill your heart with love, peace, joy and hope no matter your circumstances. Turn it over to God and trust Him!

Say and believe “Greater is Jesus in Me!” Jesus will not let you down.

My prayer for you…

Heavenly Father, strengthen her/him each day. Let her/him feel your love and comfort. Fill her/him with Your love that never fails, peace that surpasses all understanding, joy that is never ending, hope that will keep her/him going no matter what, and steadfast faith in You. May Your perfect will be done in her/his life and bless her/him in every are of her/his life. I lift up to You Lord, your daughter and son, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

Bible Reflection

“Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will be blessed.” Deuteronomy 28:6 NLT

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14 NIV

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10 NLT

“And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.” Ephesians 3:18-19 NLT

Say & Believe “Greater is Jesus in Me!

From Deb’s Red Heart to your Red Heart

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